Advanced Driver Training Perth

Advanced Driver Training Perth


Porsche Advanced Driver Training - Level Two


Having extraordinary power at your fingertips is one thing. Taking full advantage of it is quite another.

At Porsche, we believe the more knowledge owners have of their cars, the greater their experience of driving them. At the Porsche Advanced Driver Training program, you will learn how to find, explore and extract the adrenaline inducing performance potential of you Porsche sports car.

You have completed Level 1, now it is time to shift up to second gear. Building on the basics of vehicle control and the skills you acquired during Level 1, you will now step up to more advanced cornering and steering exercises. You will learn how to approach and tackle corners accurately and at speed. In addition to skilful braking, careful acceleration, and skid pan exercises, you will gain a more advanced knowledge of the dynamics of your own Porsche.


Porsche Advanced Driver Training Level Two will be held on Thursday 12 September 2019. This program is only open to participants who own a Porsche and have already completed the Level One course or a Porsche Track Day.

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Please note: The next Level One Advanced Driver Training course will be held in 2020.

For more information, please contact our Marketing Coordinator, Piret Teras 9273 3144.



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