Performance and Master Courses

Performance and Master Courses


For advanced participants who have successfully completed Precision and Precision Plus training. This course is designed to develop your car control skills further, with advanced tuition on steering and cornering on a challenging circuit.

Performance training comprises of a variety of exercises, with concentrated driving components, in particular driving a racing line at high speeds and the resulting load-changing reactions, aimed at further improving your command of the vehicle.

One of the main components is circuit lapping, which is given further attending during the course. Here you have an opportunity to put your knowledge to the test over the entire circuit. The instructor monitors your driving on the racetrack from the lead vehicle before assessing your progress, prior to your own solo lapping.

You must have completed this training level before you can take part in the Master course.


The Master level course uses the high performance 911 GT3 and is designed to take skills to the next level. The car is the closest vehicle to a real race car available from the showroom floor. It features a race developed, 3.6 litre, 305 kW (415 bhp) engine, 8,400 rpm rev limit, 6 speed manual gearbox and adjustable dampers, rollbars and spoiler. Race developed suspension tuning, bespoke Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tyres and great down force from the aero package (wing and front spoiler) mean greatly enhanced grip levels. The more grip the car generates, the harder it is to drive close to the limit. The lines and technique must, therefore, be very precise.

Satellite tracking is used to record the exact position of the car on the racetrack. This information, downloaded to a laptop, is overlaid and adjusted against the data set by the instructor. This is the most sophisticated tool available to improve the lines through the corners. The cars are equipped with lightweight seats and a roll cage and are monitored by Porsche instructors and engineers. One-on-one instruction is followed up by solo runs with radio communication.

Given the level of complexity, technology and individual tuition, the course is limited to eight participants. A ‘must’ if you have an eye on the GT3 Cup program.

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