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Porsche Lifestyle

Porsche Lifestyle

Porsche Lifestyle offers gift inspiration for every Porsche enthusiast in your life.

Choose from a wide range of clothing, accessories, home and office equipment, safe in the knowledge that the same quality of workmanship, functionality and design associated with our cars is inherent in every item you choose.

For Porsche Lifestyle product enquiries please contact our parts team.

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New Catalogue - COMING SOON

Heritage Collection

Trends come and go. Style remains. A fact that is also proven by the new 911 Targa 4S Heritage Design Edition, which pays homage to the roots of the Porsche brand and, with its many historical design details, brings a piece of sports car history back onto the streets of today. The Heritage Collection is based on this Porsche special edition, proving that the 50s had much more to offer than just petticoats, sheath dresses, blue jeans and leather jackets. With gorgeous colours and golden accents, it breathes retro into your everyday life – but adds a modern twist.

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917 Salzburg Collection

Show your true colours. But not just to anybody, to none other than the Porsche 917 which, bearing the number 23, brought home the first Le Mans victory for Porsche against all odds. The 917 Salzburg Collection pays homage to this legendary race and its winner:
it not only evokes its red and white paintwork and start number, but its sporty, modern designs has a little something for everyone – no matter your age. Show off your fascination for the living legend – and put your foot down. Whether in everyday life, in your free time, on the road or at home.

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Martini Racing Collection

The emotions of that time, in a new design: the new MARTINI RACING® Collection invokes the legendary design of the 917 "Hippie" which set standards with its pattern in green and blue with a violet tint. And became the visual highlight of racing history in the 1970s. Look away? Almost impossible. Because the rich, powerful colours and the many detailed elements of the collection bring the lifestyle of that time back to everyday life.

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Motorsport Collection

Ready for a makeover? Not only has the Formula E team been rebuilt together with the car, but the team clothing has also been revised. True to the motto, ‘Start from Zero’. The Replica Collection brings the pros’ new style directly to fans – from head to toe. The logos of the principal sponsors, Hugo Boss and Puma, adorn the team clothing, as well as the products in the collection. 

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Porsche for kids

The passion for efficient engines, intelligent technology and aerodynamic design rarely
starts with getting your driving licence. More often, sports cars have a particular fascination for the very young. To bridge the gap to fulfilling the dream of owning their own Porsche, Porsche Lifestyle offers a large selection of toys and sporty children’s clothing.

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