Precision and Precision Plus Courses

Precision and Precision Plus Courses


Driving a car is actually supposed to be fun. Yet as soon as you have the feeling that your car is not under control at all times, that’s when the pleasure can suddenly come to an end.

As a first-time participant in the driving safety program at the Porsche Sport Driving School, you will learn the basics of mastering a vehicle.

In the Precision course you practice the correct responses to critical situations that may occur at any time in Road traffic. Our instructors give you tips on how to identify potential hazards in advance and thus deal with them more efficiently – or even avoid them completely.

Before you even switch on the engine, you learn to find the ideal posture and steering wheel position. Exercises will allow you to practice all-out braking, swerving to avoid sudden obstacles and correct steering control.

Experience for yourself the difference between oversteering and understeering and how you can retail control in each situation and restabilise your vehicle.

Precision Plus

Perfect for those who really enjoy a sporty driving style, the Precision Plus training course focuses on how to handle the vehicle and respond correctly in hazardous situations.

Under professional instruction, you will learn how to approach and tackle bends correctly. At the same time, attention is paid to potential road traffic hazards.

With instructors on hand, you will gradually simulate the driving conditions in which the vehicle threatens to skid. Practical exercises will teach you how to retain control even when driving at the vehicle’s limits.

The Precision course must be completed before taking part in Precision Plus.

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